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Certified Ethical Hacking Laboratory in short CEHLab we provide cyber security testing environments called Infectedenv (Infected Environments) .These environments are primarily used in teaching cyber security practical’s . We have develop a course called Android for Pentesters Course (Ref: APC101). The course has been developed for a new bleed of cyber security practitioners referred to as Penetration Testers . The course recognise the vast skills required to develop a student with zero knowledge in cyber security and mature the student into intermediate Pen-Tester ready to pass exams such as CISSP , Comptia Pentest+ before taking on Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) exams which is based on using Kali Linux as the tool in conducting Penetration Testing assessments. Below you can purchase at discount Offline Docker Pentesters Courses (DPC101) download DPC101 syllabus and enrol onto Online Android Security Class.
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